Sunday, August 29, 2010


We're online this morning found a series of black and white photos, with pink moustache pasted on it. We were questioning ourselves why. After few clicks we found out that it was a campaign for the opening of two new stores and the campaign, it's an interesting one.

So there will be a new store in town lad and lassies!

1. What is pink moustache campaign?
Pink Moustache is a short campaign hosted by Voila Store and Soled Store. Voila store is a new consignment store that carries a wide range of women's local brands. Whilst Soled is a shoe stores that carries local footwear brands (mostly men's shoes). The pink moustache it self is actually the logo of voila store. This whole campaign is a branding strategy for voila store, to mark its existence in Jakarta retail map.

2. What is the objectives of the pink moustache campaign?
The campaign's objectives are basically to raise awareness for many good quality local brands and to welcome the new store.

3. Why pink?
Well pink because Voila is a girl store. Pink. As simple as that.

4. After people send their address (which I don't know what kind of address you guys were referring to, is it home address, or website or what?) what will they get?
Home address..they'll get an invitation via post..but for now the list is full..and they'll just get an e-invitation

5. What kind of products were you guys specifically referring to?
Voila - Clothes and accessories -Proud Parents, Lilou, Never Understand, Eclectica, Screaing Cheap, Sou Brette
Soled - Naima, suedehead, amble

So lads and lassies,
As easy and fun as it sounds, support 'pink moustache' by attaching the 'stache on your picture and use it as your profile picture from aug 21st - sept 3rd.
Ask your friends to join by creating the pink moustache album, just like this one.

Still doing the scanner euphoria. HA!


The store will be open on September 3rd, 2010.
For invitation, send an email to
More info: Indra Dwiputra (owner) at

OH MY! We almost forgot.
Here's the moustache you can paste on your photo.


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