Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Cambodia, specifically, Siem Reap, Angkor Wat.
A trip for good walk, in this case, it's good-good long walk.

Few photos of Angkor Wat taken by us. Enjoy.





Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We're going offroad

After months of blogging, think it's time for us to get a bit more... Intimate *EW!*
Well yeah, now we can get more attached and just talk two ways out by
@whatsupandabout and the FANPAGE

For suggestion and support, please feel free to send email to :
Yea we're online after nine, talking on chat can be good to!


Monday, April 26, 2010

Not Another LSD


Cassandra Niki.
Our good friend, student of UGM, blogger, nerd, photographer, and.. A good writer. Found herself stuck in the end of high school, can't shout it out verbally, she shout it out visually, by writing on her blog. Feeling the same way too, blognerds addicted by her life story and read the blog time-to-time, encourage her to make books, and eventually, the chance came just in time. And here we are now, reviewing....

LSD as we know, is addictive, and so Cassandra Nikki's book.
Titled "Letters, Stories and Dreams", Cass opened up to the world about those three things she has been holding on to these past few years, and we think, few years to come.

Have you ever think, that our teenage life can actually be written this true and I am sure every chapter will make you gasp and say, " THIS IS SO ME!". Yes. Typical life of high school life, in love with senior, our best tries to get his attention, gambles, flirts and all. It's not a novel, it's her daily journal, blog and notes. Not written in proper Indonesian language, makes us feel like reading her secret diary.

It's written by heart, based on the truth, spilling all the happiness and sadness, anger and euphoria being in love, Cassey wrote honestly.

Journey of being in love ups and downs with other things she needs to handle, end of high school, the "OH-MY-GOD-IT'S-UNIVERSITY-LIFE" confused, Long Distance Relationship and all the madness of growing up. The book compiled perfectly.

Yes, love, friendship and high school life is what's this all about

Tingle after reading the book:
"This is a must read book. Why? READ IT, then you'll agree. Please make some other book, keep on writing.You're a good writer, well, coming out from founder of What'sUp!, you really need to consider it :P (not from your best friend for years, tee hee)"

Again, this is not a novel, this is the actual life of Cass.

PS: Cass, Jonas? Really?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010