Sunday, February 14, 2010

Shelves & Secret Places

Meet my good friend, Aishanatasha Adisasmita. She told me she was "a little white house on a hill", when I asked her to describe herself in one sentence. I have been a fan of her work for such a long time and I so I decided, "why not put Aisha on this so called blog!". So I sent her an email and asked her a few silly questions like what art was to her and so on and so on. A magical little creature, yes she is. I'm a fan.

What is art to you? "I mean, I don't really know what art is. Does anyone know what art actually is? All I know is that it makes me happy. Its like falling in love. I get this excitement and it makes me go crazy. Though it has its dead ends too, like, sometimes when there's really no inspiration, I get frustrated with myself but then I see something beautiful and I fall in love all over again. It doesn't even have to be beautiful, it could be sad, funny, or in anyway that I somehow can relate to. I do it because I feel like it makes me feel safe."

"It comforts me in a way. I don't even have to make anything fancy or grand, just as long as it has some sort of emotional value that I can express. Maybe that's it, art is expressing yourself in any shape or form and most preferably pleasing to the eye? I don't know.. maybe I should look it up in the dictionary or something."

As usual, we always ask our artist's whether they involve drugs into their creative process. "Personally, I have never taken them for a "creative process". But hey, its a choice, right? And some artists, when using them, can truly explore and create something amazing. Although, being a science major, I understand how bodies work (almost) in extreme detail therefore am always haunted by the side effects drugs can cause to your organs and such. There is always curiosity, like everything else, but I am far too paranoid (about health) of a person as of right now. I do think that if its necessary for some people to take them - so long as they don't get dependent, then it is his/her choice."

http://zhoor-nahl.tumblr (decided to put all the journal stuff here! way easier than uploading them to facebook!)


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