Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our Childhood Dreams

Nothing can describe how great they are live. They are talented in every way. A musical expression of a guitar duo, Gerald Situmorang and Dimas Wibisana. Definitely bringing something to the table, they offer a different range of melodies and rhythm. With the talent they’ve got, they are surely going places.


We got a chance to interview Sketsa's very own Gerald Situmorang thanks to a generous offer from their route manager which happens to be an old friend of ours after their "Chilhood's Dream" album launch at Barcode, Kemang. Very nice couple of chaps, indeed.

1. Starting off simple. You guys are simply amazing and your songs are even better! Where and who the hell do you get your inspiration from?

I get inspired from local Indonesian acts like Tohpati, Dewa Budjana, Riza Arshad and Indra Lesmana. And I also love musicians like Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays and so much more. Inspiration comes from daily life like watching soccer, for example the song Green Field.

2. Define Sketsa?

It’s a place where I can create music as I like. I take music and making it seriously, and we want people to enjoy instrumental music just as much as any other genre, especially in Indonesia. We got the name from a song by an old fusion Indonesian jazz band called Karimata. Karimata consisted of Erwin Gutawa, Aminoto Kosin at that time and they had song called “Sketsa”.

3. One last question we always ask our artists. Do you ever use drugs to get your inspiration and whats your take on people who do?

Honestly, I totally disagree about using drugs as a tool for getting inspired. And not to brag and all but I don’t smoke or drink, well I drink a little on occasions. No drugs or anything like that because I actually care about my body and you don’t need drugs to get you inspired to make music. There are many ways to get inspired, even from daily life. You can build a song by taking note by note and compose a song. Its up to people if they want to use drugs but I totally disagree.

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