Sunday, August 22, 2010


Hello~ This is not an interview, not an album review nor a travel diary, this post is just a little welcome greet for our "big" little gift we had for our self! We can call this as... A semester break gift. Yaaaay~

PS: Silly us, we actually scanned the camera. But look what we did, WE JUST MADE AN AWESOME PHOTO!

Lads and Lassies, introducing and welcoming new member of the About family, Algebra Jr.
Obviously an Instax 120, not a handy camera, it's even wider than most of DSLR cameras. But Algebra came just in time, because we promised ourselves that starting from now, if we have a live interview, we'll have them snapped by Algebra.

Oh well, first trial is always fun!
Have fun reading our posts, requests of artists, places, gig or album you want us to review can be sent to our email, yes.
Our first trials :

Rubben Victor, La Tessa and Aditya Anggariady at Beatfest

Ruang Rupa friends

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