Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I like you, you're funny.

These pictures were taken from my lomolitos. So here's the deal, we're going to post random pictures whatever we like for a while, and then we're going to have killer artists and musicians on the blog with punk ass interviews to match. Still a secret my friends, but I assure you, you will find them answering the most randomest things on Mars and have their picture taken with the lomolitos too! Now there's something to get excited about and spice up your boring lives! Se te ama people.


  1. BAAHAHA who is this lontong?? i have a lontong tooo!! barusan makan malam keluarga, me & keponakan banging on the table in fits of laughter. gatau apa yang lucu. dimarahin. my lontong is six. is this you keponakan?