Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Suma Siapa?

Suma Siapa is one of Limkokwing 's University students. He’s in his last semester of Multimedia Graphic Design. And we found him out of all illustrators around Indonesia and realized, he’s something different, that he’s a good, good, good Illustrator for his age. So we found his e-mail, and started to interview by Messenger hours after. Why MSN? It’s because we didn’t have any money to fly to Balikpapan. Yes, if we have internet, why fly? LOL.

Suma Siapa - Bear

Hi Suma!


Straight to the questions (OK!) what kind of artwork do you love to do?

I love to do 2D as in illustrations. Well, I’m not that good with illustrations, but with my limit I can get even better creations out of it. I actually want to try another kind of 2D art, like installation, but I haven’t reached that level, my brain isn’t that conceptual. :P

We actually know you as a photographer, Suma…

LOL. Yeah, I do both!

Suma Siapa - BPN

Hihi, so since when did you like Illustrating?

I've loved drawing since I was a kid, and I doodled when in High School. My sketches were never neat. So then I turned to an Illustrator (by computer), I can’t draw sketches neatly until now, really.

So, where do you usually get your inspiration? Mostly when you’re in a sad or happy mood?

Anywhere, but no “stuff” for sure. The only three things that work are eyes, brain and hands. Ooh, I’m a cheerful guy, see?

Suma Siapa - Paus

What do you think about people who use drugs as a tool to get inspiration?

From the start, my life’s motto is to be clean, no smoking, no drinks and no drugs obviously. How can I ever get to that principle? I have no idea, that’s how I live my life. Loser? Where did you get that? For me, those reasons (re: drugs consuming, etc.) are their alibi's, those are actually for them to fit in around social groups and looking for an identity that is nonsense. That’s the path of life they chose, I can’t have such an ego, but why do you take drugs when you can just stay clean?

Back to the fact that you’re a photographer as well, what kind of photography do you like?
Portrait's are my favorite, but it doesn’t mean I’m not doing landscape and models.

Suma Siapa - D80

Who are your favorite artists?

A lot! Efan (anaklangit.deviantart.com), yellowdino, darbotz, locals are good! Don’t have one particular favorite artist, I love people who do their best for work.

About those you look up to, did their work influence or inspire you?

YES, even sometimes I do it too much alike, and the results? Not far from the original work which was the inspiration. In my opinion, originality is something rare (it doesn’t mean that it doesn't exist). What I meant was everyone inspires everyone in doing works, then something "new" is created.

Ever think of moving to Jakarta to be a successful illustrator?

Jakarta? Jakarta doesn’t need people like me, Jakarta and Bandung is now full of nuts (in a good kind of way)! Balikpapan needs me more, here, they still lack design sense and their appreciation for art is still low, so let’s just go back to my town and uplift the needs

Suma Siapa - Not Alone

Suma Siapa

Suryananda Mahtakusuma // Suma Siapa
Balikpapan, 4 August 1988
Limkokwing University of Creative Technology Malaysia


  1. yeaaahh!! go SUMA!! love the last statement! yeah! let them go to balikpapan! hahahaha

  2. wow suma. balikpapan rocks!

  3. limkok wing students suck balls. just sayin'

  4. Balikpapan needs me more, here, they still lack design sense and their appreciation for art is still low, so let’s just go back to my town and uplift the needs >>>> yeah right!